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A deposit or full payment is required to confirm your order. Please note that orders that are due in less than 7 days from time of order require full payment up front.Payments are required via e-transfer to


(PLEASE NOTE, your order is NOT confirmed until payment has been received. Delays in submitting your deposit/payment will result in a cancelled order).

Deposits are non refundable. Once we confirm your order, we have allocated that spot for you, making it unavailable for another order. If you cancel your order and we have not started on it, you may apply your deposit towards a future order. If we have started on your cake and/or decorations, the deposit is forfeited.


Final payment for most orders is required 24-48 hours before pickup or delivery. Final payment for wedding cakes is required 1 week before the event.


If you have provided an image for inspiration, please note that we use this purely as inspiration. That design is not our cake and in respect of other designers work we try not to replicate their design exactly.

If we have provided a cake sketch to you, Butter Love Sugar reserves the right to make any last minute adjustments to cake as needed.


Colour matches are not guaranteed. We work with icing and fondant...we do our best to get it to the colour you request.

Fondant pieces are edible, however our cakes and pieces may have inedible pieces such as toothpicks, dowels, paper, wire etc.



Once you have picked up your cake, you are responsible for any damage incurred due to improper transport. If you have sent someone else to pickup your order, they are responsible for making sure that the order is transported properly, please provide them with the transportation instructions below.

It is important that you transport your cake properly. The cake box should be placed on a flat surface of your vehicle such as the floor or trunk and clear of items in your vehicle that could fall on to the cake. We do not recommend having someone hold the cake on their lap.

Please do not place the cake on a seat as it is on an angle and could damage the cake.

If you are picking up your cake in the summer months, please DO NOT leave the cake in your vehicle for any amount of time as it will melt.  If you have errands to run, pick up the cake on your last stop before going home or to the celebration venue.

Once at your destination, refrigerate your cake if not being served right away. If you are serving it the same day, most cakes can be left at room temperature. We will instruct you otherwise when picking up your cake.

The following form should only be filled out if we have confirmed are availability and provided a quote. If you are inquiring about a cake, but have not received a quote, please fill out our inquiry form here.

Cake Order Form

Thank you! An invoice will be sent soon.

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